Fellow Trafalgar tourists. Rome 2013   Leave a comment

Fellow Trafalgar tourists. Rome 2013


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Journey to the great unknown.   Leave a comment

Had Brekky, Settled the bill. Actually got money back from them. Don’t ask, too hard and I am still trying to work it out. Taxi to the airport where they drop you off as far as possible from the check in room. Must have walked 2km to get to the employment capital of Bali. They are fkin ridiculous at what you have to go through. You pay a tax to leave, you walk past that counter and stop at another10 yards away to show someone you have just paid. FFS come on it’s hot and I am now sweating my cods off. Only had a shower an hour ago and need another now. Another example in the airport carpark. The guy who you give your ticket to types in the number and the price on your ticket while there are cars waiting behind them. Put a ticket machine in and get the bloke out on the streets fixing the footpaths…..Anyway we finally get through the bag check, drop off the cases and walk upstairs when Pauline realizes SHE had left her hand luggage at the bag check down stairs. This could have been the first disaster of the hols. I broke into a run. First time I have done that in 6 weeks. Anyway it was still there but they had made an announcement apparently and the bomb squad were on their way. Would have sh1t themselves with all the fridge magnets in there. Finally got to sit down with a cool drink and write this. The flight was ok and Stu picked us up from the airport. We got home to a big surprise. The house was tidy. Nic was at work but the dishwasher was on, bit of a clue to what had been going on at home the dishwasher had one plate and seven shot glasses in it. Good to be home.

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That’s all folks   Leave a comment

What a great day, Brekky in the villa. Swim, read, snooze, oh sod it lunch in the Villa as well. This means no looking in tat shops. Brilliant. Swim, read, snooze, swim. Oh go on then lets go out for dinner. Not a bad Italian up the road and then back to the Red Carpet. Music is tops……. Then another skinny dip bommy. Pauline has got to stop doing this. It is just not safe. Well that’s all folks. Six weeks of holidays and we have had a brilliant time. Back home to Perth and reality tomorrow.

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Four Cocktails and a Funeral   Leave a comment

Another Lazy day, Brekky in the Villa, a swim to cool down. Pauline had a massage. Then we caught a taxi to Legian. Same sh1t in the shops there. Had a good lunch in some bar on Legian street. Saw a lot of old people walking down the street which is unusual to see. Then the crowd grew, thought it was another fkin protest until the bar manager told us it was a funeral. Funny funeral, they were all happy. Either he was a tw@t and nobody liked him or they enjoy a good knees up when somebody crokes it here. Bar manager was a good lad and we had a good arvo there. We walked all the way back to Seminyak. Not far really but when Pauline stopped in every shop it was like throwing an anchor out. Back to the villa for a swim, read and drink, oh and a kip as well. Dinner in a good spot over the road and then into the Red Carpet again for a few more cocktails and good music. It’s the music I go in there for honestly. Back to the villa to do a skinny dip bommy. Forget that thought you won’t sleep tonight.

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Had another good day Brekky in the villa, swim, veg out. Took a walk up shop street. More shops selling rip off gear. Got a taxi down to the beach restaurant La Lucciola. Nice lunch and a great view from the first floor. Walked back to the Villa, had a swim, read, sleep. Jeez I’m struggling doing this. Went out for dinner to Optimo’s Had a nice Snapper with Gnocchi. On the way back we stopped in the Red Carpet Champagne bar. It is right next to our villa complex. Brilliant 70’s 80’s music. Roxy Music etc and a great selection of drinks and cocktails. Good service and free canapé’s. Think we might end up there again tomorrow.

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